Bull City Escape offers real-life room escape games in the heart of Durham, North Carolina. Teams have one hour to scavenge for clues, solve puzzles, and figure out the key to get out! 

Our games and puzzles are completely unique to Bull City Escape and cannot be found anywhere else. Drawing on principles of psychology and education, we create games that engage a wide range of ideas and skills. We know there are many different kinds of intelligence, and this immersive, exciting experience is meant to challenge your powers of observation and deduction, and help you have a great time doing it.

Bull City Escape is a local, family-owned business and proud to call Durham home. Owners Dan and Chrissi Harmon have lived in the Raleigh-Durham area for over 20 years, where they raise 4 amazing young puzzle solvers! They believe Durham is the perfect place for an escape game because the Bull City is a fun, brainy community with a love of all things quirky. Grab some friends, family, or co-workers, and come try out one of Bull City Escape’s games!

Bull City Escape is a family-owned business committed to providing employees with a living wage. Bull City Escape has been a member of the Durham Living Wage Project since 2017, and re-certified again in 2019.

Questions? Email info@bullcityescape.com

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